The Universal Security Guard Association offers off-duty police officers with the necessary temperament and experience to effectively operate at your designated locations. Our officers can be dressed in full uniform or plainclothes, and their visibility can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements, whether you prefer a prominent presence or a more discreet positioning. Equipped with extensive training, our officers are skilled in handling challenging circumstances and possess the authority to make arrests when necessary. By having our personnel on-site, we contribute to the safety, legality, and smooth progression of your personnel, facilities, and events.

What sets the Universal Security Guard Association's off-duty police officers apart from others?

When you require off-duty police officers, choosing the Universal Security Guard Association ensures you have access to the utmost level of private security. Our association is committed to providing you with exceptional service and peace of mind. We thoroughly vet, certify, and train our off-duty police officers to align with your specific business needs and site requirements. Our focus is on delivering the best professionals who excel in their field and are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of security for your organization.

Moreover, the Universal Security Guard Association leverages an advanced technology platform that enables us to swiftly deploy off-duty police officers to your locations, addressing your requirements promptly, day or night. We recognize that security demands can evolve rapidly, and as your needs change, we seamlessly integrate ourselves as an extension of your team. Our client portal and round-the-clock dispatch team are at your disposal, ensuring that you receive exceptional service at all times. We are committed to providing you with the best possible support and assistance to meet your evolving security needs effectively.